Linkedin Auto Connect

Linkedin Auto Connect

LinkedIn auto-connect means automating your connection requests. It allows you to automate sending and receiving connection requests. When you are applying for a job through LinkedIn, the employer notices every aspect of your LinkedIn profile. It includes your:

  • Connections
  • Activity
  • Interests
  • Experience
  • Employments
  • Skills

To maintain this, you need to dedicate a good number of hours for your LinkedIn profile management. Many LinkedIn automation software programs are available online, which help you partially manage your profile. These pieces of software are not fully automatic as it needs you to intervene and manage some of the things by yourself.

LinkedIn auto-connect is helpful, but it is limited as LinkedIn has put a hold on your connection and invitations. The maximum number of connections is 3000 and for invitations, it is now 3000.

There are do’s and don’ts which should be followed:


  1. Don’t excessively automate your profile viewing. (SocializIt lets you limit your connection requests)
  2. Don’t excessively automate inviting people to connect.
  3. Don’t excessively automate sending messages to your connections (never send more than 200 messages a day).


  1. A post that you think people will like the most.
  2. A tool or method that will help them in marketing and lead generation practices.
  3. Or any webinar or activity you might be planning to start.

Limits by LinkedIn:

LinkedIn keeps your activity in check. If you send a frequent and large number of invites, LinkedIn will notice it and bans your account. If you are sending too many messages to your connections, it will ban your activity to limit it. LinkedIn automation software help, but not too much. It may result in a hold LinkedIn put to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn automation tools allow you to automate your connections, but you need to be careful about who you want to add in your network and whom you don’t. Adding people who are not related to your field will annoy your employer at whose company you’re applying for a job.

No LinkedIn automation tool helps you in extending you’re network very precisely without your intervention, but SocializIt is the only LinkedIn automation software available on the internet which will completely automate your LinkedIn profile management, which includes sending and accepts connection invites, messaging, posting, etc. The bot does it all by itself and you don’t need to take part. Just set it for once and enjoy your network expansion without any effort.