Easy apply linkedin jobs

Easy apply linkedin jobs

Here is something worth knowing before you click Easy Apply on LinkedIn: Easy Apply or it can be Easy Rejection as well.

You’ll see this Easy Apply feature on around 35-45% of LinkedIn job postings. So, every job posting will not have this feature, but you should see the Easy Apply button pretty often in most industries..

Now you’re ready to apply for a job. Click the Easy Apply button, then upload your resume. After quickly reviewing it, submit your info! It is that simple and easy.

Note: If you see related job postings that don’t have the Easy Apply button, it still may be worth applying to those jobs. When you click the Apply button in the absence of Easy Apply option, you’ll be forwarded to the company’s career page. If this method looks easy and straightforward, then it is still worth applying to that job using Apply button. .

In case you have a connection to the company, you have any reference, it will be best to use that. You should not send out a simple LinkedIn Easy Apply application if you have a more personalized way to connect to a company. .

However, in all the cases you don’t have any connection to the hiring manager or have anyone in your network who does, it is a great approach to apply to a job directly..

Hundreds and thousands of people use LinkedIn’s Easy Apply tool which means your application is in a stack of other applicant’s job applications. There are people who don’t spend even thirty seconds before they click Easy Apply. So, there are as many chances that more people don’t bother to read the job description and they may not have applicable experience and skills for the jobs they apply to.

So, applying to specific jobs that match your skill set and experience is important. Even if you submit your resume in your job application, Easy Apply shows employers your LinkedIn profile first and your resume is compressed to a small link. Employers, while reviewing your application, will first look at your profile to short list you if you are a good fit and then have a look at your resume as a backup..

Easy Apply lets you quickly apply to jobs and review it at the end in case you missed any details or any related experience.