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Cloud Based LinkedIn Automation | Socializit

Cloud-based solutions for LinkedIn automation are safer.

When a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool vendor promises you for undetectability or protection of their software, they mean it. You may be surprised to know that cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools cannot be detected that easily, depending on the technology, than a person who is running a browser extension.

Cloud-based automation shields you from LinkedIn detection.

Cloud based tools claim to provide better protection against LinkedIn detection. If you login to LinkedIn from your home office and then workplace, your physical location is not the same. This is something that is an issue from LinkedIn's point of view. LinkedIn takes it as if you shared you username and password with someone who is managing your profile.

Cloud systems don't operate like a regular browser, but on the other hand, commonly operate the browser in a 'headless' mode. It means that the cloud-based automation tools access your LinkedIn account and automate your activities without running from a common standard browser.

This is the point. LinkedIn detection cannot catch a headless browser!

In summary, LinkedIn can distinguish between a standard browser logging into their platform and a browser that is running in headless mode. It means that LinkedIn keeps an eye on the browser-based automation tools, but Cloud-based automation tools are way more difficult to track when they are behaving like a real person.

Following are the 3 more reasons for choosing browser over cloud-based automation:

  1. The user experience:

  2. All you need to do is to set up the bot and it will execute your commands. You will not have to intervene for smaller steps and devote a proper time for your automated tool.

  3. Access to all LinkedIn features:

  4. In browser, you have to narrow down your target audience by utilizing the LinkedIn filtering feature. This is something that a cloud-based automation tool does quite efficiently. You need to set commands for once and the bot will keep on doing that until you limit its activity or stop it.

  5. Keeping your login details secure:

  6. Cloud-based automation tools are more secure than browser-based automation tools. It asks just for once to enter your LinkedIn credentials and that’s it. SocializIt keeps your payment methods and login credentials out of its reach. Even after logging on this platform, your passwords will be secure and encrypted.


If you have a desire to use LinkedIn automation tools for scaling up your business, you should be very careful about choosing one. You should set up a VPN connection for location, an aged LinkedIn account and other things you can dig up.