Boost your network activity

Boost your network activitySocializit gets the best from LinkedIn's social network activity with a valuable saving of time.

It lets you grow the number of connections faster and use better features of the most useful business, and employment-oriented web service.

Just set any number of searches on LinkedIn community users and run the algorithmic system to drive in auto-pilot. The collection of new info and data related to your job, interests, creative projects, professional goals, and useful content.

A wider network of contacts means various rich postings on your wall, creating a larger source of information. LinkedIn is a mean of knowledge, updates and instructive entertainment with a variety of articles, news, opinions, and tips from a complex network built around you.

Socializit helps you to build that network using an automation process, getting a large number of new contacts in a concentrated time, and lets you use the advantage of a huge refined human resource from your expanded network. lets you manage a wide network, executing several operative communications with your contacts, and is always fast and automatic, giving you the freedom to focus on your next idea only, on your next step to grow and improve your productivity. The executive web operations needed at present are met by your Bot assistant, and you just think about the future!