Boost your network activity

Boost your network activitySocializit gets the best from LinkedIn's social network activity, allowing to save huge time and executing several kind of procedures safely and effortlessly.

It lets you grow the number of connections faster monitoring constantly your activity and managing algorithmically the account.

Just set any number of searches and run Socializit to drive in auto-pilot and execute operations in the long run.

For example you will be able to retrieve from Linkedin lists of people or groups (related to your keywords) up to 8.000 contacts each; to every single one of them the bot will ask connections (and all the other operations you pre-select).

As you can see Socializit helps you to build and extend your network using an automation process, getting a large number of new contacts in a limited time, and expanding your network exponentially. lets you manage a wide network, executing several operations, and it is always fast and automatic, giving you the freedom to focus on your next idea only, on your next step to grow and improve your productivity.

How to create lists of people

How to create lists of groups