Applying for job through LinkedIn

Applying for job through LinkedIn

You may find newly opened job positions by using job alerts, search field in LinkedIn and posts in your feed. When you’re done finding a dream job, you may be willing to know how to apply for that job on LinkedIn. There is either Apply or Easy Apply button for applying to a position on LinkedIn.

An appropriate time to upload a resume to LinkedIn is within an Easy Apply or Apply. Simply click “Upload,” find and attach your file, complete if there are any additional application fields, then just click “Submit application”.

Click on a job title and go through the details to see how the company would want in the received applications. Click on the “Easy Apply” option if it is featured. Fill the required fields by entering the information which can be your email address, phone number, etc. LinkedIn saves your resume for future use, but if you attach a tailor-made resume for each new job application you send, you’ll get more interviews. Make sure your resume is not a word-for-word match of your LinkedIn profile and there is neither contradictory information on your resume or your LinkedIn profile while applying for jobs through LinkedIn. You can decide if you want to upload your resume, it is optional. LinkedIn shares your profile by default. In order to attach your resume, choose one of the following file formats: Use your resume store in LinkedIn. Upload your PDF or DOCX resume. Use your LinkedIn profile as a PDF format resume. Cover letter as an attachment is optional. Now, there is a checkbox about alerts from the company. By default, LinkedIn checks this box. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive company alerts. You can “Submit” your application.

Before you submit your application, check if your headline fits the job position you are applying for. You can simply edit your information by clicking “Review”.

When you’re applying for jobs via LinkedIn, you will see a text saying that “We include a copy of your LinkedIn profile with your application”. The employer will first see your profile and then your resume if you catch his/her attention.

You shouldn’t rely on your resume when you are applying for a job through LinkedIn. Do not apply if you have an incomplete profile or not optimized for that job post.