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Performe massive operations safely and save huge time and money

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Boost Your Network Activity

temporized activities for autonomous long-term run

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Find Job in Autopilot

be the first to apply at unlimited job reserch

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What Is It?...Socializit! is a worldwide brand-new LinkedIn Automation Tool which applies Artificial Intelligence to manage and extend your network without any human intervention.

The usual existing tools are all semi-automatic and require a constant active involvement of the user, forcing him to invest his time in performing some limited procedures.

Our automation platform is a powerful Cloud system, which enables you to automate even a very long-term activity, as a real user would be doing on LinkedIn.

Just engage your personal robotic assistant to accomplish a wide range of tasks working for you in the long run.


What Socializit Does

Socializit allows you to manage one or more LinkedIn accounts at the same time

FREE accounts and PREMIUM / SALES NAVIGATOR subscriptions are allowed

and to build unlimited lists of People profiles / Groups / Jobs based on your search parameters.

You can set up each list in order to automate various software behaviors and to manage them systematically in the long run, choosing different automatic features for several categories:


Once lists of people have been built, you will be ready to choose between several automatic operations:

  • Unlimited daily Invitations (with or without personal note and files/pictures attached)

  • Integration by Webhooks to external tools as Zapier, Integromat or others

  • Chatting from your dashboard (no need to access Linkedin to respond)

  • Out of invitation automatic recovery

  • Import your contact list by CSV

  • following

  • messaging

  • articles/posts

  • sharing

  • groups invitations

  • single/multiple endorsing

  • full profiles data storing, and export option to .xls, .xml, .sql, .json, .csv, and .txt.


Full automated groups management.

Find unlimited groups using your keywords, and SocializIt will constantly check if your application has been accepted.

Once accepted Socializit pick up until 8.000 profiles from each groups and execute your pre-selected operations.


Improve your chances exponentially with the world's first automatic job finder.

Stop spending your time seeking for a job and rushing to be the first to apply.

Set up your search criteria, and SocializIt will keep looking for jobs and will apply to it as soon as the post gets published on LinkedIn.

temporized operations

Messaging/sharing / inviting/endorsing could be temporized to launch postponed campaigns and to plan future goals just like a social media manager does to optimize his work agenda.

SocializIt replicates the human behavior and employs a remote browser to accomplish its task as accurately as a real person would do. The user can set up bot timing, number of operations per hour, pause per hour, activity days, operational hours to be sure to keep complete control of all activities carried out through his LinkedIn account.

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